Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the HITACHI / IBM drives we can help you with:

DARA-20600, DARA-20900, DARA-212000, DJSA-205, DJSA-210, DJSA-220, IC25N010ATDA04, IC25N015ATDA04, IC25N020ATDA04, IC25N030ATDA04, IC25N020ATCS04, IC25N030ATCS04, IC25N040ATCS04, IC25N020ATMR04, IC25N030ATMR04, IC25N040ATMR04, IC25N060ATMR04, IC25N080ATMR04, HTS548020M9AT00, HTS548030M9AT00, HTS548040M9AT00, HTS548060M9AT00, HTS548080M9AT00, HTS726060M9AT00, HTS424020M9AT00, HTS424030M9AT00, HTS424040M9AT00, HTS721060G9AT00, HTS721080G9AT00, HTS721010G9AT00, HTS721060G9SA00, HTS721080G9SA00, HTS721010G9SA00, HTS541020G9AT00, HTS541030G9AT00, HTS541040G9AT00, HTS541060G9AT00, HTS541080G9AT00, HTS541010G9AT00, HTS541020G9SA00, HTS541030G9SA00, HTS541040G9SA00, HTS541060G9SA00, HTS541080G9SA00, HTS541010G9SA00, HTS541260H9AT00, HTS541280H9AT00, HTS541210H9AT00, HTS541212H9AT00, HTS541260H9SA00, HTS541280H9SA00, HTS541210H9SA00, HTS541212H9SA00, HTS541640J9AT00, HTS541660J9AT00, HTS541680J9AT00, HTS541612J9AT00, HTS541616J9AT00, HTS541640J9SA00, HTS541660J9SA00, HTS541680J9SA00, HTS541612J9SA00, HTS541616J9SA00, HTS542580K9A300, HTS542512K9A300, HTS542516K9A300, HTS542520K9A300, HTS542525K9A300, HTS542580K9SA00, HTS542512K9SA00, HTS542516K9SA00, HTS542520K9SA00, HTS542525K9SA00, HTS7220xxK9xxxx, HTS5432xxL9xxxx, HTC424020F7AT00, HTC424040F9AT00, HTC426020G7CE00, HTC426030G7CE00, HTC426030G7AT00, HTC426040G9CE00, HTC426060G9AT00, HTC426020G5CE00, HTC426030G5CE00, HTC426040G8CE00, HTC426060G8CE00, DK23AA-60, DK23BA-60, DK23BA-10, DK23BA-20, DK23CA-75, DK23CA-10, DK23CA-15, DK23CA-20, DK23CA-30, DK23DA-10F, DK23DA-20F, DK23DA-30F, DK23DA-40F, DK23EA-30, DK23EA-40, DK23EA-60, DK23EA, DK23EB-40, HTS428030F9AT00, HTS428040F9AT00, HTS428060F9AT00, HTS428080F9AT00, DK23FB-20, DK23FB-40, DK23FB (5K60), DK23FB-60


Some of the FUJITSU drives we can help you with:

MHD2008AT, MHD2016AT, MHD2024AT, MHD2032AT, MHD2040AT, MHD2xxxAT, MHD2048AT, MHK2030AT, MHK2060AT, MHK2090AT, MHK2120AT, MHK2150AT, MHK2xxxAT, MHK2181AT, MHM2100AT, MHM2150AT, MHM2xxxAT, MHM2200AT, MHN2100AT, MHN2150AT, MHN2200AT, MHN2xxxAT, MHN2300AT, MHR2010AT, MHR2020AT, MHR2030AT, MHR2050AT, MHR2xxxAT, MHR2060AT, MHS2010AT, MHS2020AT, MHS2030AT, MHS2050AT, MHS2xxxAT, MHS2060AT, MHT2020AT/AH, MHT2030AT/AH, MHT2040AT/AH, MHT2060AT/AH, MHT2xxxAT/AH, MHT2080AT/AH, MHV2060AT/AH, MHV2080AT/AH, MHV2xxxAT/AH, MHV2100AT/AH, MHW2xxxx, MHX2xxxx, MHY2xxxx


Some of the TOSHIBA drives we can help you with:

MK1504GAL, MK2004GAL, MK3004GAH, MK4004GAH, MK2008GAL, MK3008GAL, MK4008GAH, MK6008GAH, MK8010GAH, MK1011GAH, MK8025GAL, MK8031GAL, MK1231GAL, MK2431GAH, MK1229GSG, MK1629GSG, MK2529GSG, MK1214GAP, MK1016GAP, MK2016GAP, MK1017GAP, MK1517GAP, MK2017GAP, MK3017GAP, MK2018GAP, MK4018GAP, 19GAX MK3019GAX, MK4019GAX, MK3021GAS, MK4021GAS, MK6021GAS, MK5024GAY, MK3025GAS, MK4025GAS, MK6025GAS, MK8025GAS, MK4026GAX, MK6026GAX, MK8026GAX, MK4032GAX, MK6032GAX, MK8032GAX, MK6034GSX, MK1234GSX, MK2035GSS, MK6037GSX, MK8037GSX, MK1237GSX, MK1637GSX, MK8046GSX, MK1246GSX, MK1646GSX, MK2546GSX, MK8052GSX, MK1252GSX, MK1652GSX, MK2552GSX, MK3252GSX, MK3252GSX


Some of the SEAGATE drives we can help you with:

ST92011A, ST92811A, ST94811A, ST94011A, ST92014A, ST93015A, ST94019A, ST960821A, ST9808210A, ST960822A, ST9808211A, ST9100823A, ST940814AS, ST960813AS, ST960811AS, ST9100828AS, ST9100822AS, ST9100821AS, ST940815A, ST960815A, ST980815A, ST9100828A, ST9120822A, ST9160821A, ST9120817AS, ST9160827AS, ST9200827AS, ST9250827AS, ST94015AS, ST96023AS, ST980825AS, ST910021AS, ST94015A, ST96023A, ST980825A, ST910021A, ST980813AS, ST980813ASG, ST9100821AS, ST9120823AS, ST9160823AS, ST9160823ASG, ST9200420AS, ST9200420ASG, ST980310AS, ST980310ASG, ST9120310AS, ST9120310ASG, ST9160310AS, ST9160310ASG, ST9200321AS, ST9250320AS, ST9320320AS, ST9320320ASG, ST980313AS, ST980313ASG, ST9120315AS, ST9120315ASG, ST9160301AS, ST9160314AS, ST9160314ASG, ST9250315AS, ST9250315ASG, ST9320325AS, ST9320325ASG, ST9400326AS, ST9500325AS, ST9500325ASG, ST980411AS, ST980411ASG, ST9120411AS, ST9120411ASG, ST9160411AS, ST9160411ASG, ST9200421AS, ST9200423ASG, ST9250421AS, ST9250421ASG, ST9320421AS, ST9320421ASG


Some of the SAMSUNG drives we can help you with:

MAGMA (M40) (MP0302H, MP0402H, MP0603H), MAGMA (M40S)(MP0804H, HM040HI, HM060II), M60, M60S(HM080JI, HM040HC, HM041HI, HM060HC, HM060HI, HM080IC, HM080II, HM100JC, HM100JI, HM120JC, HM120JI), MAGNUM (M80, HM160JC, M80S HM160JI), M5_P1(HM080GC, HM121HC, HM160HC), MANGO (M5S2) (HM250JI), M6S_2D( MT1 HM400LI, HM500LI, HM061GI, HM080GI, HM121HI, HM160HI, HM251JI, HM320JI), M7S2 (HM120GI, HM250HI, HM320II, HM500JI), M7E (HM161GI, HM251HI, HM321HI, HM501II, HM641JI)


What is the schematics of Seagate Terminal?

The Seagate Terminal is a tool used to fix the firmware issues of Seagate HDD. The schematics has been presented below. Please note, that the tool requires serial port (RS-232) being available with your PC. The USB version of the tool is available in Tools section.


seagate terminal schematics


Beware! The tool is really a very capable one. Missuse may eliminate both: your drive and data holded by it forever! If you are not experienced in this area, before proceeding, please, try to contact profesionals first. How about our engineering team?


What is the default ATA Password for Seagate hard drives?

The default ATA Password for Seagate hard drives consist of the word: 'Seagate' and 25 spaces.


What kind of buyer's protection do you offer?

We follow the "pay for results" policy - if for any reason (i.e.: drive burnt in a fire) our labs were not able to unlock or repair the drive - you are not charged!


What do I get for the price paid for the Seagate HDD Service Device?

Price covers the main Seagate HDD Service Device hardware, appropriate software, manual and 12 months of email and phone post-sale support (in English or Polish).


Can you unlock the hard drive of other brands either (ie.: WD, Maxtor, Hitachi)? At what cost?

Yes, we can unlock (disable the password) of the drives of all brands. Please contact us for details, providing the model (part number) of the drive before sending it to us.


Can you unlock the 2,5" either?

Yes, we can disable the ATA Password on 2,5" hard drives either. Please contact us for the details and pricing.


How many drives can be unlocked with Seagate HDD Service Device?

The number of the drives that can be unlocked is unlimited, you pay for tool not drive unlocked.


Can Seagate HDD Service Device EXTENDED Kit unlock the drive either?

Yes it can unlock the drive, as well as manipulate the firmware modules, run tests and configure the drive.


What models of Seagate hard drives are supported by Seagate HDD Service Device?

The tool supports the following models: Uxx, BARRACUDA ATA x, Bali, Belize, Lapaz, Mauri. Additionally BASIC KIT works with older drives as well.


What is the principle of operation of the Seagate HDD Service Device?

Seagate HDD Service Device makes use of the protocol implemented by the manufacturer of the drive, connects to the drive via the service connector located on the back side of the drive (between the power and IDE connector).


Does Seagate HDD Service Device remove ATA PASSWORD from the drive or just reads it from there?

The tool reads the master ATA PASSWORD directly from the drive. As a result the drive can be unlocked then drive and data can be accessed and finally as the password was read not just vanished the drive can be locked back with the original ATA PASSWORD in place, to keep the owner unaware that the drive (data) was accessed / copied.


Does the kit include all the necessary hardware, software and instructions?

Yes, the kit includes everything what is needed to unlock / repair the drives, no additional tool is required for operation.


What is the availability of the Seagate HDD Service Device?

We ship the purchased item the same day the payment is received.


Can Seagate HDD Service Device unlock the locked XBOX HDD i.e.: Seagate ST310014ACE or others?

Yes, unlocking the XBOX HDDs is one of the most frequent use of the tool.


What payment methods do you accept for your services and tools?

We accept Paypal and wire transfer


I am not a computer guy, can you unlock my hard drive, if I deliver it to you?

Yes we can do it for you, if the drive is delivered to our labs.


What models of the Seagate drives can be unlocked with the Seagate HDD Service Device?

The list of the drives supported by Seagate HDD Service Device, please note that some newer drives may be missing:

Supported 2,5" drives: ST910021A, ST9100822A, ST9100823A, ST9100824A, ST9120821A, ST9144AG, ST92011A, ST92014A, ST92155AG, ST92811A, ST93015A, ST93811A, ST94011A, ST94019A, ST9420A, ST94811A, ST94813A, ST960821A, ST960822A, ST9630AG, ST9808211A, ST980825A, ST98823A

Supported 3,5" drives: ST310014, ST310014A, ST310210, ST310210A,ST310211, ST310211A, ST310212, ST310212A, ST310215, ST310215A, ST310220, ST310220A, ST310221, ST310221A, ST310230, ST310231, ST310232, ST310240, ST312002, ST3120020A, ST3120022A-P, ST3120022AS, ST3120023, ST3120023A, ST3120023A20PK, ST3120023A-P, ST3120023AS0020TPK, ST3120023AS20PK, ST3120024A, ST3120024A0020TPK, ST3120025A, ST3120026A20PK, ST3120026AR, ST3120026A-RK, ST3120026AS0020TPK, ST3120026AS20PK, ST3120026AS-P, ST3120026ASRK, ST3120026S, ST312002S, ST3120A, ST31210A, ST31226AS, ST31226ASGBFLPAK10, ST31226ASGLCPAK10, ST31226ASPBZLKPAK10, ST31226ASPERLLPAK10, ST3123A, ST31277, ST313021, ST313021A, ST313030, ST313032, ST313620, ST313623A, ST313640, ST3144A, ST3145A, ST315310, ST315310A, ST315311, ST315311A, ST315313, ST315313A, ST315320, ST315320A, ST315323, ST315323A, ST315330, ST315330A, ST316002, ST3160021A20PK, ST3160021AS, ST3160022A, ST3160023A0020TPK, ST3160023A20PK, ST3160023A-RK, ST3160023AS20PK, ST3160023S, ST3160026A-RK, ST316002S, ST317221, ST317221A, ST317240, ST317242, ST318203LC, ST318275LC, ST318404LW, ST3195A, ST320011, ST320011A, ST320014, ST320014A25PK, ST320015, ST320015A, ST3200822S, ST320410, ST320410A, ST320413, ST320413A, ST320414, ST320420, ST320423, ST320423A, ST320424A, ST320430, ST320430A, ST320440, ST320440A, ST3210212A, ST3211A, ST32167A, ST32530A, ST3271A, ST327240, ST327240A, ST328040, ST328040A, ST3283A, ST3285A,ST3290A, ST330011, ST330011A, ST330012, ST330012A, ST330013, ST330013A, ST330610, ST330610A, ST330620, ST330620A, ST330621, ST330630, ST330630A, ST330631A, ST33440A, ST336704LW, ST3385A, ST340012, ST340012A, ST340014, ST340014A20PK, ST340014AS, ST340014S, ST340015, ST340015A0025TPK, ST340015A25PK, ST340016, ST340016A, ST340017, ST340017A, ST340610A, ST340810, ST340810A, ST340823, ST340823A, ST340824, ST340824A, ST3413A, ST3420A, ST34250A, ST34313A, ST34314A, ST34348A, ST34502L, ST3500A, ST351A, ST351AX, ST351X, ST352AX, ST360012, ST360012A, ST360014, ST360014A, ST360014A20PK, ST360015, ST360015A, ST360015A0020TPK, ST360015A20PK, ST360019, ST360019A, ST360020, ST360020A, ST360021, ST360021A, ST3600A, ST36424A, ST36451AK, ST36561A, ST36810A, ST36811A, ST380011, ST380011A20PK, ST380011AS, ST380011S, ST380012, ST380012A, ST380013, ST380013ARK, ST380013AS0020TPK, ST380013S, ST380020, ST380020A, ST380020A0020TPK, ST380021, ST380021A, ST380022, ST380022A, ST380023, ST380023A, ST380023A20PK, ST380023AS, ST380023AS0020TPK, ST380023AS20PK, ST380024, ST380024A, ST38410A

Quite impressive, is not it?


Where is your facility based?

We are based in Warsaw, Poland.