ATA Password removal

It is becoming more and more widely known that ATA standard introduced a security mechanism, allowing the harddrive drive to get locked (Password Protected). The result is the absolute unavailability of the drive to neither: the operating system and the user.

The typical symptom of the ATA PASSWORD being in place may look as any of the messages listed below presented at system start-up:

"HDD locked, enter password (5 left)"

"This drive is protected with the password"

Hard drive properly detected by BIOS, however not accessible from within the operating system.

Unfortunately it is not possible to remove the ATA PASSWORD (unlock the drive) with software solution only not knowing the ATA PASSWORD valid for the specific drive. The good news is that for most of the (un)intentional users of ATA PASSWORD functionality there is the hardware solution which lets you take out the protection without knowing the current password and save all the data HDD holds. In order to get the situation resolved (even in case the password was forgotten or lost), please consult the Tools section or contact our engineering team for the details of the data recovery from for the password protected drive(s).

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